Constitution Assembly member “Al-Zein Al-Arabi Al-Dardir” is detained for a second time

A source close to the member of the Constituent Assembly for Drafting the Constitution, Al-Zein Al-Arabi Al-Dardir, revealed that he was arrested by Internal Security in his hometown Ubari in the Al-Abeid area, for the second time during the same week.

The source told Libya Al-Ahrar that Al-Dardir was arrested hours after his release by the same security force, noting that he was transferred to Benghazi.

On April 26, Al-Dardir’s family announced that he had been “kidnapped by unknown parties,” before he was released later on. According to the family, Al-Dardir was taken by force from the family home in the Al-Abeid area “without prior warning.”

The family held the Sabha Internal Security responsible for Dardir’s safety. For its part, the National Assembly of Libyan Scholars denounced what Dardir was exposed to.

Following this incident, bloggers and activists on social media denounced what happened to the Constituent Assembly member, demanding that Al-Dardir be released.


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