Coronavirus poses a direct threat to Libya, says Anti-Disease National Center

The Libyan National Anti-Disease Center said Coronavirus started to pose a direct threat Libya, warning of its imminent outbreak in the country.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Anti-Disease said the COVID-19 virus had been registered in 90 countries, including countries bordering Libya and in the Middle East.

The Anti-Disease called on the concerned authorities to form emergency committees to help Libyans prepare for confronting the virus if it broke out in Libya, saying it will take all necessary measures to provide the needed support for all related authorities to coordinate efforts against the outbreak of Coronavirus across Libya.

“The response plan of the Health Ministry should be implemented to the fullest to confront the virus. We should have quarantines across the country and areas special to the cases that are in the prc3sss of diagnosis for possible contraction of the virus.” The center added.

According to the statement, it also called for providing medics and paramedics with the necessary equipment and preventive materials.

In addition, it called for supplying the rapid response teams with all the needed equipment and allocating an emergency budget for all of those medical precautions.

The Anti-Disease National Center said it was forming a steering committee and branch technical teams to follow up on the procedures aimed to counter the possible outbreak of Coronavirus in Libya in all borders.


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