Dbeibah: Egypt should respect Libya’s sovereignty before providing assistance

The Libyan Prime Minister-elect, Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, said countries that don’t respect Libya’s sovereignty won’t be respected by his government, saying he was promised by the Egyptians in Cairo that they would help stabilize Libya but he conditioned the assistance to Cairo’s respect to Libya’s sovereignty and the Government of National Unity, which will be soon formed.

Dbeibah said from Tobruk, after meeting House of Representatives’ Speaker Aqila Saleh and members as well as a number of elders and dignitaries, that he visited the eastern region to lay foundation for peace and reconciliation, adding that there should be a treaty signed by all Libyan regions not to fight anymore under any circumstances.

He said many people from both sides of the war died and others are still suffering from injuries, saying all of this should stop and that he would be visiting Benghazi and south Libyan cities as well as part of his quest to end people’s suffering.

“The unity government is going to be based on reconciliation and inclusiveness. It is not a personal project, rather it is a national project to end 10 years of fragmentation in the country.” Dbeibah added.

He reiterated that the criteria upon which the cabinet incumbents would be selected must include the fact that they can be welcome to work from all of Libya: east, west and south, among other criteria.


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