Dbeibah from Morocco: GNU unified 80% of Libya’s state institutions

The Libyan Prime Minister, Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, said the Government of National Unity managed to unify 80% of the state institutions since getting confidence from the House of Representatives last March.

In a meeting with the Moroccan Parliament Speaker, Al-Habib Al-Malki, Dbeibah called on Rabat to support the upcoming general elections in Libya.

Dbeibah also said that his government came to office and found the problems accumulated from a period of 10 years, hoping Libyans would manage to control the situation via elections and bilateral agreements.

Al-Malki said solutions for Libya are inside not outside the country, adding that Morocco supported the dialogue and political process as the only way forward for Libyans.

He also said that national reconciliation is the key for solutions in Libya, reiterating that security and stability in Libya means the same in Morocco and the region.


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