Disagreements within the High Finance Committee, and the Deputy Governor announces his resignation

Four members of the High Finance Committee have declared in a joint statement their disapproval of the Committee’s statement issued earlier this week.

The joint statement which included the names of Fakher Boufarna, Hatem Al-Araibi, Ahmed Al-Murtada, and Abdullah Al-Obaidi, announced that they did not participate in approving the committee’s latest statement issued on August 30th.

The four members explained that the committee has not yet agreed on a mechanism for distributing government spending, stressing that the subcommittees for the budget sections are still in the stages of discussions, data collection, and identifying challenges in government spending.

Moreover, the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank (CB) of Libya, Mar’ie Rahil Barassi, announced in a separate statement his resignation from the membership of the High Finance Committee which was formed by the Presidential Council to monitor public spending.

Barassi stated in his resignation letter that the High Finance Committee was formed in violation of the laws and legislations in force in the Libyan state, and in violation of the political agreement signed in Skhirat, Morocco.

The High Finance Committee had announced previously that the regulations for its framework were agreed on and approved, and that it had initiated communication and coordination with ministries and government agencies.

Source: Libya Alahrar TV


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