Domino Effect: Major southern Tripoli districts recaptured by Libya’s GNA forces

One by one, in a domino effect scenario, the frontlines of southern Tripoli have fallen to the Libyan Army forces under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA) as they advance on Khalifa Haftar’s fleeing terrorist militias.

The Libyan Army forces under GNA’s command have seized since the morning on Saturday major Yarmouk, Hamza, Sawareekh (Missiles) and Al-Tikbali camps in south Tripoli as well as the strategic districts of Mashroa Al-Hadba, Al-Khallatat, Al-Twaisha, Al-Ramla and Istiraha Al-Hamraa.

The Libyan GNA forces have hit Haftar’s terrorist militias so hard that they have seized most of Salah Al-Deen, major parts of Ain Zara and Wadi Rabea frontlines, which have been under Haftar’s control since the start of their aggression on Tripoli in April 2019.

The GNA forces, according to Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation, have also entered the vicinity of Tripoli International Airport, where groups of Haftar’s militias and mercenaries are barricaded, and are still engaging in a violent fighting with them to seize control of the Tripoli International Airport.

According to Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation, GNA forces are gradually advancing on Haftar’s terrorist militias main foothold in southern Tripoli, which is Qasir Benghashir, and up toward Sabea, which would be the takeoff point for GNA forces to a ground attack on Tarhouna, the last foothold of Haftar’s militias in western Libya.

Haftar’s militias massive losses have come one after another since the fall of Surman, Sabratha and coastline cities earlier in May, followed by the loss of strategic Al-Watiya airbase last week, then in the following days; the loss of Badr, Tiji, and Al-Asaba.

Haftar’s militias, by habit or lack of military will and experience, have been accustomed to losing their positions in a matter of hours to the forces of rhe GNA, such as what happened last June in Gharyan, when GNA forces recaptured the city in hours, kicking out Haftar’s militias and seizing their main operations room that was used to manage the war on Tripoli.

Now as close as never before, GNA forces are some kilometers away from what could be the last foothold for Haftar’s terrorist militias in western Libya, Tarhouna, which is a city filled with loyalists to Haftar’s militias, especially the criminal Al-Kani militias or 9th Brigade, which is listed for war crimes by many international reports.

The terrorist militias of putschist Haftar, backed by the UAE, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and France, have now been defeated with only audio comments coming from their so called Chief Commander, warlord Haftar, to justify, as he always does, the defeat, saying they are going to fight and target Turkish interests in Libya, describing his militias’ retreats and defeats as a military tactic!


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