Drone strikes hit smuggling dens in Libya’s Zuwara

Libya Alahrar TV channel’s correspondent reported Friday that the Government of National Unity had carried out drone strikes on two locations in Zuwara city in the western coast region.

Before hitting the targets in Zuwara, drones were seen flying over Zalten and Abu Kamash areas, according to the correspondent.

The two hits in eastern Zuwara were later followed by a drone strike in Abu Serra area within the vicinity of Zuwara city.

Footage on social media and media outlets showed a tank of fuel readies for smuggling catching fire in Zuwara following a drone strike.

The Government of NAtional Unity and its Defense Ministry announced on May 25 the start of a secureity operation against what it called “the gangs and dens of smugglers, traffickers and drug dealers in the western coast cities, especially Al-Zawiya.


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