Education in Derna: A Struggle Amidst Displacement and Destruction

The Minister of Education, Musa Al-Maqarif, announced that educational activities have not yet resumed in the city of Derna. The delay is attributed to the unfortunate destruction of several schools and the displacement of residents due to ongoing conflicts.

In an interview, Al-Maqarif explained that committees are actively exploring solutions to these challenges. One proposed strategy involves consolidating relief teams into a single school and limiting displaced families to one institution. This would allow for the resumption of educational activities in the remaining schools while ensuring alternative solutions for the displaced.

Al-Maqarif expressed optimism about the ministry’s efforts to resume the educational process in Derna by next Sunday. However, he emphasized that this objective is contingent on the cooperation of other parties with the ministry.

In a final note, Al-Maqarif mentioned that the ministry has issued directives to education monitors in other cities. These instructions stress the importance of accommodating displaced students and facilitating their integration into local schools and classrooms. This move underscores the ministry’s commitment to ensuring uninterrupted education for all students amidst these challenging times.


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