Erdogan: Ankara’s support for Libyan people will continue

The Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan has announced that Ankara will continue to stand by the Libyan people in these “tough times”, calling on the international community not to repeat the mistakes made in Syria.

Erdogan warned on Friday of the chaos ramifications in the Mediterranean region if the ceasefire didn’t hold in Libya as soon as possible.

He indicated that Ankara’s target in Libya is preventing the surfacing of mercenaries and terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS by ending the conflict that led to the killing of over 2000 people and injuring thousands others.

Meanwhile, in a meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Erdogan said Khalifa Haftar had targeted Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport with 11 rockets, which is a proof he doesn’t want the ceasefire.

“We can’t trust what Haftar would do tomorrow as he didn’t sign Berlin conference conclusions but only agreed on them verbally.” Erdogan explained.

While Merkel said Haftar had agreed to the ceasefire in Moscow and gave the names of the 5+5 Military Commission representatives.

She added that the meeting of the 5+5 Military Commission is very important, saying the international community is now in a fragile position but they will wait and see what happens.


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