EU calls for ending impunity in Libya

The European Union (EU) underlined in a statement on Friday that it’s fully committed to supporting Libya in achieving stability and consolidating peace.

The EU said the transition from conflict to national reconciliation is a journey that Libyans must continue to walk together. It added that it stands ready to accompany their efforts by taking concrete actions to advance transitional justice and restore confidence in the institutions of the State.

“Human rights and International Humanitarian Law violations render the healing process more difficult.” The statement said, adding that addressing impunity, preventing future abuses and ensuring the right of the civilian population, including migrants, to be protected from armed violence are critical steps on the road to peacebuilding.

The statement added that women remain underrepresented in peace efforts while being disproportionately affected by conflict. Fostering the inclusion of women in the dialogue underpinning the Libyan reconciliation process is not merely a matter of equity, social justice and gender equality.

The EU said that credible, transparent and inclusive elections held at periodic intervals are the cornerstone of democracy. The EU Delegation and Embassies of EU Member States in Libya were also keen to engage, together with all stakeholders, in developing activities stimulating a conducive environment.


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