EU strongly condemns murder of Libyan lawyer in Benghazi

The European Union delegation in Libya and EU member states’ representatives in the country said they strongly condemn the heinous killing of Ms. Hanan Al-Burasi, a prominent Libyan lawyer and activist, in Benghazi Tuesday.

“We call on the Libyan authorities to urgently launch a credible investigation into this killing and bring the perpetrators to justice.” The EU said in a statement.

The EU added that activists, lawyers and members of civil society are being targeted to silence the independent voices in Libya.

“The continued committing of murders, kidnappings and other criminal acts threaten the peace process and undermine the many efforts for stability and justice in Libya.” The statement reads.

The EU said it supports and stands with the immense majority of Libyans who reject violence and terrorism, oppose human rights abuses and violations, want an inclusion and participation of women and come together in peaceful and patriotic dialogue.

Al-Burasi was murdered by gunmen in Benghazi in eastern Libya Tuesday morning as she was getting out of her car on Street 20.

She was murdered just after she appeared in a video on social media criticizing Khalifa Haftar and his sons as well as his militias’ crimes and lawlessness in Benghazi and in eastern Libya in general.

Libya Alahrar sources said the gunmen were in three cars and then they were seen getting out of the cars and shooting Al-Burasi on the busy Benghazi Street 20.


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