Families of victims of Abu Salim massacre reiterate call for justice

The Association of Families of Martyrs of the Abu Salim Prison Massacre voiced their anger at the failure to achieve justice in the case of the martyrs of the massacre until now.

On the 28th anniversary of the massacre, the association asked whether or not it was time for the victims of the massacre to be given justice, after they had been wronged and oppressed while they were still alive.

It demanded that the secrets of the crime be revealed, calling for justice, retribution, and saying that everyone who participated in this horrific massacre must receive their deserved punishment.

“It is unthinkable, 28 years after the massacre, and 13 years after the fall of Gaddafi’s regime, during whose reign the crime was committed, that the law remains incapable of saying its fair and conclusive word on this terrible tragedy.” The families of the victims said.

The Association organized an exhibition on the 28th anniversary of the massacre. It included the victims’ belongings that were given to families from prison, in addition to personal photos.


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