First oil tanker enters Hariga Oil Port

First oil tanker enters Hariga Oil port, operated by Arabian Gulf Oil Company, since last January. The tanker had been entered after the petroleum facilities guards ended their blockade, which aimed to receive the overdue salaries and improve the working environment, said an official inside Hariga.

A source said a Spanish flagged tanker “front cruiser” entered the port, Friday, preparing to unload a million barrels destined for China.

The tanker, the source added, entered anchor area on 31st Jan. but failed to enter the port due to the blockade. It left the area following orders from the National Oil Corporation, went back after 12 days, which cost the Libyan state over $100 thousand delay fine.

The source added that the (Arabian Gulf Oil) raised production to 30 thousand barrel/day because of the sit-in.

Earlier, the petroleum facilities guard halted exports, last January, in Hariga and the Oil Crescent area.


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