Foreign Ministry says no Coronavirus cases among Libyan nationals abroad

The Libyan Foreign Ministry said overseas diplomatic missions had registered no Coronavirus cases among Libyan nationals.

The Deputy Foreign Minister for Technical Issues Mahmoud Al-Tellisi said Monday that the announcement came after directly contacting heads of missions and the overseas committees concerned with the matter.

The Foreign Ministry said that all the missions had reported all their measures including the needed medical assistance to those in need.

Libya’s Foreign Ministry formed earlier a follow-up committee to confront any possible outbreak of Coronavirus in the country. The committee is headed by Al-Tellisi and Deputy Foreign Minister for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Hamza Al-Oukli.

The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj declared Saturday the state of emergency over Coronavirus concerns.

In a statement, Al-Sarraj said the government had allocated 500 million dinars to help prevent the outbreak of Coronavirus in Libya, saying that all borders would be closed for three weeks starting March 16.

He also said that the Foreign Ministry will instruct embassies across the world to contact with Libyans to provide assistance and, if needed, medical treatment.

According to Al-Sarraj, study would be suspended for two weeks or even more to protect the students from any possible outbreak of Coronavirus.


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