Forming parallel government in east Libya is on the table: Vice PM unveils

The First Vice Prime Minister of the Libyan Government of National Unity (GNU), Hussein Al-Gotrani, said creating a parallel government in eastern Libya is a possible and under-deliberation option.

Speaking to Libya Alahrar TV Channel on Sunday, Al-Gotrani said the statement issued on behalf Cyrenaica region came after massive pressure by the public in the eastern region after the suspension of funds to several public sector institutions and apparatuses.

“I haven’t seen the bill of the 2021 budget and neither have most of the cabinet ministers because the Prime Minister, Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, has reviewed it only with certain people. Dbeibah hardly contacts me or picks up the phone to answer my calls regarding government work.” He said, adding that the last communication between the PM and Haftar’s “General Command” was around last May.

Al-Gotrani reaffirmed that there’s no need for Dbeibah to keep the minister of defense position, urging him to speak about the reasons why he hasn’t appointed a defense minister yet.

“There’s no justice in appointment of overseas companies and embassies regarding the regional quota system, on which the GNU was based. We know that there are some calls for blockading oil production, but I personally am against such calls.” The Vice PM added.

In the meantime, the UN Support Mission (UNSMIL) called on Libyan parties to avoid escalation that could lead to instability and division in state institutions and eventually to halting the efforts to hold elections in December.


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