France, Germany, and Poland urge for halting foreign intervention in Libya

France, Germany and Poland have reiterated in a joint press conference that there can be no military solution to the Libyan conflict, adding that all foreign interventions must halt.

The Foreign Ministers of the three European countries added on Sunday that the UN arms embargo on Libya must be fully respected by all countries.
They also said that the sanctions approved by the European Union lately on the entities that are violation the arms embargo in Libya are a positive step, which should also include violations related to illicit oil exports out of Libya.

The three Foreign Ministers remarked that the EU sanctions must also include the entities violating human rights and spoilers of the political process.

France, Germany, and Poland indicated that the EU is committed through Operation IRINI in the Mediterranean to ensure the implementation of the UN arms embargo in Libya, saying this should boosted by the consolidation of the ceasefire and cessation of hostilities on the aground.

The three countries added that the EU is also in support of the ongoing political and peaceful dialogues among the Libyan warring parties to reach a permanent and lasting ceasefire as per the 5+5 military commission under the auspices of the UN.


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