France, Russia, Germany, Italy and the US reject Haftar’s coup on Libyan Political Agreement

Almost all international players in the Libyan conflict, including Khalifa Haftar’s supporters, have issued statements rejecting his declaration of coup against the Un-brokerd and internationally recognized Government of National Accord and the toppling of Libyan Political Agreement.

Russia expressed surprise over Haftar’s declaration and reiterated that it believes a political and diplomatic process is the only way to resolve the conflict in Libya.

Germany said the Libyan Political Agreement remains in place until all Libyans agree on another peaceful solution, expressing concern over Haftar’s coup and unilateral declaration of himself as ruler in Libya, adding that there can be no military solution to the conflict.

France, another Haftar supporter, said Libya’s conflict can’t be resolved by unilateral decisions but through UN-led dialogue as Paris is with the unity and stability of Libya that only comes via political solutions as per the Berlin conference conclusions, according to Reuters.

Italy reiterated full support for legitimate government and its institutions in Libya as per UN Security Council resolutions, dismissing the coup declared by Haftar.

Italy said decisions for Libya’s future should be made with consensus and through democratic means as per the Libyan Political Agreement.

The US, which was the first to react to Haftar’s coup, regretted the unilateral declaration, and said change in the Libyan political structure cannot be made by individual decisions.


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