France says solution to Libya’s crisis requires commitment by neighboring countries

France has welcomed the continuation of Morocco’s efforts to relaunch the political process in Libya through the efforts to facilitate dialogue between the House of Representatives and the High Council of State, in Bouznika.

In a statement on Friday, the French Foreign Ministry said Morocco’s commitment is an important contribution to the steps taken by the United Nations with a view to resuming inter-Libyan political dialogue. 

“Initiatives in favor of inclusive political discussions in Libya, in particular those of the countries of the region, are essential to enable a way out of the crisis.” The statement reads.

The statement added that France sees that there is no military solution to the Libyan conflict, saying that the solution will be political and will require a commitment from the neighboring countries of Libya. 

“These countries are the first to be affected by the risks posed by the Libyan crisis on regional security and stability: their role with Libyan actors is therefore essential and can play a stabilizing role, unlike interference from outside powers.” The French Foreign Ministry indicated.

It’s worth mentioning that France has been a very active supporter of warlord Khalifa Haftar in his war on Tripoli, backing him up with military experts and equipment as well as with heavy weapons; the least of which the Javelin missiles that were found in Gharyan in June 2019, when Haftar’s militias fled under the advance of the Government of National Accord.


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