France to organize a new conference on Libya again, why?

It seems that France wishes to get back to organizing international conferences about Libya, in a move looked at by observers as an attempt to regain the influence it lost in the country, following the defeat of its ally, General Khalifa Haftar, and his aggression against Tripoli.

The French President, Emanuel Macron, called for an international conference about Libya, on November 12th, about a month before the national elections.
In the same context, the French Foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, announced earlier in a news conference, on the sidelines of the United Nations 76th general assembly, that Paris is to organize a conference on Libya.

But many observers question what Paris would provide through any new conference about Libya, especially that it achieved almost nothing in its support to Haftar and his aggression against the capital city of Tripoli.

Various reports lately alleged that France reactivated its military role in Libya, according to figures of Chadian military opposition, with airstrikes supporting Haftar’s military operations against Chadian opposition in the south.

According to reports, the military operation was led by Paris after the French- Chadian scheme. The operation is to weaken the opposition, force it to sit at the negotiating table, which constitutes an opportunity for Haftar in his pursuit to improve his image after the heavy losses he incurred in his war on Tripoli.

The involvement of Haftar’s forces in that process raised questions about whether his relationship with Russia and the Wagner group supporting him had worsened. Observers do not rule out tension, especially considering the talk about Russia’s betting on figures from Gaddafi’s regime, which annoys Haftar.


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