Germany sees elections, unified government as the only solution in Libya

Germany’s Ambassador to Libya, Michael Ohnmacht, has said in an interview with Libya al-Ahrar TV channel that there is no alternative to elections in Libya.

The ambassador stressed the importance of international and Libyan efforts to be directed at facilitating holding elections to meet the aspiration of the Libyan people.

Ohnmacht added that the role of the international community was always aimed at supporting Libyan initiatives, reiterating that “without this support, there would be no progress in the political process.”

“No country or political party can prevent elections if there is a strong Libyan coalition. The international stance in 2019-2020 was worse than it is now, and freezing the political situation is not in anyone’s interest.” Ohnmacht added.

He said that the political situation advanced rapidly in 2021 during the Berlin Conference (I and II), the Geneva Conference, as well as other political gatherings, stressing the valuable connection among the security, economic, and political tracks in devising very strong laws, and referring to the lack of will to achieve elections among the decision-makers.

Speaking about the current stability in Libya, Ohnmacht pointed out that the gradual opening of the German embassy in Tripoli in 2021, which came after the Second Berlin Conference, and its full opening in 2023, were evidence of progress in Libya and the confidence of diplomats from different countries in the stability of the situation on the ground.

The German ambassador also stressed that division in Libya prevented economic development or growth, stressing the need for forming one unified government that would control the entire country.

He has also stressed that in order to achieve the goal of producing 3 million barrels of oil per day, political progress is necessary.


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