Ghassan Salame: Situation in Libya seems promising for political solution

The former Head of the UNS support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has said that the situation in Libya has never been so propitious for a solution, indicating that he only stepped down because he couldn’t work properly with the health issues he faced back in March.

Speaking to France 24, Salame said he had always and would still complain about the foreign intervention in Libya, saying the intervening countries’ hypocrisy had reached an unbearable level regarding the country’s conflict.

“All the intervening countries in Libya attended Berlin conference and signed as well as accepted the conclusions, vowing not to send arms and mercenaries as well as their fighter aircraft to Libya, but they did afterwards.” Salame explained.

Salame also hailed the efforts of the UNSMIL’s colleagues in pushing forwards military, economic and political talks as per Berlin conclusions despite the ongoing Cobvid-19 pandemic.

The former UN envoy to Libya also praised the efforts of the UNSMIL that led to the reopening of oil ports and fields in Libya, saying that the country is now able to produce 250.000 barrels per day after the lifting of the 7-month blockade imposed by Khalifa Haftar.

Salame hailed the start of the process of auditing of the Central Bank of Libya, saying as well as that he was very optimistic to see all talks had been hoping hand in hand, hoping that the political dialogue will be kicked off on schedule as early as the first of November, if Covid-19 measures allow.


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