Girl kidnapped and raped by Criminal Investigation Chief and his pals in Benghazi

A girl from Benghazi has been kidnapped and raped more than once by the chief of criminal investigation department in the city, Salim Al-Badri and his companions, a source from Benghazi has disclosed.

The source confirmed on Sunday that the girl was kidnapped when she was with her husband in a sea shelter in Benghazi, adding that she is only 16 years old and has been married for a month only.

According to the source, the girl is now in a very dire physical and psychological condition as she was raped by a group of men headed by Salim Al-Badri.

Benghazi has registered many abuses against both women and men over the last few years since Khalifa Haftar’s control over the city.

The criminality in Benghazi has been reported by The New York Times as well. It reported on February 20 that the death squad of Awliaa Al-Dam (Blood Avengers) has been tasked with kidnapping and killing Haftar’s opponents, depending on a group of extremists and Gaddafi loyalists.


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