GNA forces continue to control passports authority building, Al-Tikbali Camp in south Tripoli

The commander of Ain Zara frontline in southern Tripoli, Yousiuf Al-Ameen, said the building of passports authority and Al-Tikbali Camp are still under the control of Government of National Accord’s forces.

Al-Ameen told Libya Al-Ahrar TV that their forces had foiled an attempt by Khalifa Haftar’s forces to advance into Yaromuk and Al-Khalla frontlines, adding that Ain Zara frontline was seeing an uneasy calm after Tuesday’s clashes.

Meanwhile, the field commander on Al-Sawani frontline, Abdelmajid Turki, said clam had prevailed on the frontline since Wednesday morning in line with continuous presence of UAE drones backing up Khalifa Haftar.  

Russian Wagner Group mercenaries are positioned on the frontlines with Haftar’s forces along with the Janjaweed mercenaries, according to a military source from the GNA and Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha’s recent statements to Bloomberg.

GNA forces have been advancing on different frontlines over the last days after receiving orders from the field operations room and after military reinforcement arrived on frontlines in the wake of the announcement of full mobilization of forces by several cities to help GNA units defeat attacking forces that have been leading an offensive against Tripoli since April 04, according to statements by Burkan Al-Ghadab (Volcano of Rage) operation.


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