GNA forces move to push Haftar’s militias from their last stronghold in west Libya

They have done it once again: the forces of the Libyan Army under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA)have launched a lightning attack against Khalifa Haftar’s militias in and around their last stronghold in western Libya; the city of Tarhouna.

GNA started the offensive to retake Tarhouna from Haftar’s militias as part of Operation Peace Storm to respond to Haftar’s attacks on civilian neighborhoods in Tripoli, which had been intensified lately, especially after Haftar’s loss of seven coastline cities in one day.

The commander of military operations room of Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation Ahmed Abushahma said fighting continued from Saturday morning till the early hours of Sunday as GNA forces kept their positions toward Tarhouna, while Air Force warplanes carried out 17 airstrikes targeting Haftar’s military vehicles, weapons, and fighters in Tarhouna to pave the way for forces to move on the ground.

The GNA’s lightning attack against Haftar’s militias made the locala in Tarhouna make distress call for their militias that are fighting on southern Tripoli frontlines to retreat and pull ot to return for the help of their city after GNA forces stormed into Al-Hawatem Camp, according to reliable sources.

Over 100 fighters from Haftar’s militias have also been captured, according to GNA officials, who added that their forces have also seized military vehicles, tanks, weapons, armored vehicles from the UAE, and Howitzers and Mortars launchers.

Meanwhile, observers say that GNA forces had been advancing on Tarhouna from seven axes under an air cover, which helped cut off supply lines for Haftar’s militias and that it is a matter of time until the militias surrender or run out of Tarhouna.


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