GNA forces respond by artillery shelling to Haftar’s attacks in Al-Wishka

The Head of the media office for Sirte-Jufra operations room Ahmed Al-Gadi said artillery weapons of the Government of National Accord’s forces had targeted three positions for Khalifa Haftar’s militias in Al-Wishka in response to their violations of the ceasefire.

Al-Gadi told Libya Alahrar TV that massive military reinforcements arrived for GNA forces in Esdada area, in addition to the movement of patrols from southern Abu Grein to southern Misrata.

Earlier, the commander of Al-Nahr frontline in Wadi Rabea, Ali Eshtiwi, said the forces of the Government of National Accord are waiting for the instructions of the field operations room to respond to Khalifa Haftar’s militias and target their positions on Wadi Rabea, Ain Zara, Al-Sawani and Salah Al-Deen frontlines.

The commander told Libya Alahrar TV on Wednesday that the GNA forces are trying to confront Haftar’s militias when they target Mitiga Airport and Tripoli civilian areas in order to prevent such attacks.

Meanwhile, military reinforcements by the forces of the Government of National Accord arrived from Central Military Zone to the vicinity of Al-Wishka in western Sirte as part of preparations to repel any attacks by Haftar’s militias.

Senior leaders from Government of National Accord’s forces told Libya Alahrar TV that the military backup is aimed to respond to any kind of truce violations by Haftar’s militias and to secure the positions of Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation forces.

The spokesman for the Libyan Army Mohammed Gununu has confirmed that the Libyan forces have targeted mercenaries-backed militias of Khalifa Haftar in southern Tripoli in response to their attacks on civilians.

Gununu told reporters that the forces under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA) are committed to responding to the attacks of Haftar’s militias.

In the meantime, the Libyan Army has destroyed an ammunition depot and a position for the forces of Khalifa Haftar in Qasir Benghashir.

Gununu added that the operation came as a response to the targeting of civilians in Tripoli. He also called on all Libyans to stay away from the areas where Haftar’s forces are positioned.


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