GNA forces says committed to deescalation, ready to repel any attacks

The Commander of Tripoli Military Zone Abdelbasit Marwan told Libya Alahrar that their forces have committed to the ceasefire as per the political commands but after Haftar’s rejection to sign the agreement, all options are on the table now.

Abdelbasit Marwan added on Tuesday that their forces are highly prepared to repel any attacks by Haftar’s militias on all frontlines.

In the meantime, Khalifa Haftar and his delegation left the Russian capital, Moscow, without signing the ceasefire agreement that was brokered by Turkey and Russia.

This came after Haftar had asked the Russians and the Turks for a push in the signing deadline from Monday evening to Tuesday 10.00 am in the morning – Moscow time.

On last Sunday, the Presidential Council announced accepting a ceasefire in Tripoli as per the calls of Putin and Erdogan after the spokesman for Haftar’s militias Ahmed Al-Mismari had announced at midnight the start of a ceasefire truce in the western region.

The Putin-Erdogan call for ceasefire came in a meeting on January 08, when they both stressed that the warring parties in Libya should commit to the truce starting on January 12 and then resume the political process.


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