GNA is ready for both political solutions and military escalation, Foreign Ministry spokesman says

The spokesman for the Libyan Foreign Ministry Mohammed Al-Giblawi said the Government of National Accord (GNA) agrees to the political solution because it wants to save Libyans’ lives, yet he added that the GNA is ready for military operations if he aggressor chose to continue his offensive.

Al-Giblawi told Anadolu Agency on Thursday that the frontlines of the GNA forces had received reinforcements and logistical support.

He added that the GNA had told the international community that Haftar’s refusal to sign the ceasefire agreement meant he wasn’t a supporter of peaceful and political solutions.

“The international community should take up its responsibility and pressure the military solution advocates to retreat from Tripoli to their previous positions. Although we know they are still rejecting these steps.” Al-Giblawi said.

He indicated that Haftar isn’t and won’t be a political partner in Libya as he has refused Moscow ceasefire and Berlin as well as Geneva conclusions.

“This means he wants military escalations and the GNA is ready to repel his attacks and defeat them using all means possible, including the rightful MoU with Turkey to arm our armed forces to protect Libya and Libyans as well as the legitimate government.” He explained.


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