GNA’s Burkan Al-Ghadab: 100 UAE flights to support Haftar since ceasefire in Libya

Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation of the Government of National Accord (GNA) has revealed that the UAE has carried out 100 flights to Libya in support of Khalifa Haftar since the ceasefire’ announcement, bringing 6.200 tons of weapons.

The media office of the operation said the flights took off from UAE military bases such as Suwaihan Base in the UAE and Emirati Asab Airbase in Eritrea.

It also said that the flights all landed in Al-Khadim airbase of the UAE in Al-Marj in eastern Libya and Sidi Barani airbase in Egypt.

Itamilradar website, which is specialized in monitoring military aircraft, reported many times over the last period the arrival of UAE flights in Benghazi and other areas in eastern Libya.

It is worth mentioning that the UAE is running an airbase in eastern Libya (Al-Khadim Airbase) in which it operates different missions for Khalifa Haftar’s forces, including drone attacks, according to UN and international reports.


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