GNA’s joint operations room says to respond to Haftar’s attacks as per rules of engagement

The commander of joint operations room at the western region, General Osama Juwaili, has reaffirmed that the forces under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA) are fully committed to the ceasefire but are also ready to respond to any attacks as per rules of engagement.

Juwaili told Libya Al-Rasmiya TV that Haftar’s militias violations since day one of the ceasefire led to the killing of some persons, adding that if they continued to carry out attacks, the ceasefire will be null and void.

Meanwhile, the commander of Al-Gawiya frontline Colonel Mohammed Al-Ayeb said breaches of the ceasefire by Haftar’s militias were documented on Garabulli and Al-Gawiya frontlines.

Al-Ayeb told Libya Alahrar TV on Tuesday that the GNA forces are committed to the ceasefire despite the breaches of Haftar’s militias over the last two days, adding that they have the right to respond to the source of attacks.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of the Libyan Army Mohammed Gununu warned the displaced people of returning to their houses in the southern Tripoli clashes’ zones as the militias of Khalifa Haftar are looking for chances to revenge.

Gununu added on Tuesday that the Libyan Army forces had depicted deployment of mercenaries by Haftar’s militias.

“We have also seen for the third day in a row violations by Haftar’s militias on Salah Al-Deen and Al-Ramla frontlines.” Gununu added.

The Spokesman of the Libyan Army added that the forces under the Government of National Accord (GNA) had responded to the source of the fire on Tuesday.


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