Guterres: Libya’s status quo is a “scandal” as UAE, Egypt’s intervention remains ongoing

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has confirmed that there are “movements by Egyptian troops in Libya” and there are UAE drones being used in the war-ravaged country, adding that there is a Turkish presence as well.

On Tuesday, Guterres told reporters in New York that Sudanese mercenaries and a Russian group mercenaries are also involved in the conflict in Libya.

Guterres also called the situation in Libya a “scandal” even as his envoy cited a “genuine will” by rival military factions as they planned their first meeting in Geneva to secure a lasting ceasefire.

“I am deeply frustrated with what’s happening in Libya,” Guterres said as he criticized countries that last month met in Berlin to push for progress in Libya peace talks.

“They committed not to interfere in the Libyan process and they committed not to send weapons or participate in any way in the fighting. The truth is that the Security Council arms embargo remains violated.” The Secretary General lamented.

He called the mediation efforts of UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame “the only good news” in the country.


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