Haftar’s forces detain Grenada-flagged ship with three Turkish crewmen

Khalifa Haftar’s forces have intercepted a Grenada-flagged ship sailing off Derna’s coast and detained three Turkish crewmen on board.

The spokesman for Haftar’s forces, Ahmed Al-Mismari, said Saturday that the crewmen were detained and the ship was tugged to Ras Al-Hilal port.

Al-Mismari’s social media account posted a video showing the ship in detention and the three Turkish crewmen being interrogated. It also posted photos for the three Turks’ passports.

Al-Mismari also said that the ship was inside the administrative sea borders that have been outlined by the new agreement between Turkey and the Government of National Accord (GNA).

“We’re going to take the needed action as per the international law against this ship and crewmembers.” Al-Mismari indicated.

Grenada, whose flag is on the ship, is a Caribbean country comprising a main island. Its name is taken from Andalusian Granada.   

Despite saying that the ship was a Turkish one, Al-Mismari didn’t make sure of it fully and Ankara hadn’t commented on the incident yet.

Both Turkey’s Parliament and Libya’s Presidential Council of the GNA approved the MoU in maritime cooperation early in December. On December 07, the MoU took effect.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Head of the Presidential Council signed on November 27 two MoUs in security and military cooperation and in maritime boundaries demarcation to secure the rights of the two countries as per the international law.    


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