Haftar’s lawyers endeavor to acquit him from war crimes lawsuit at a US court

The Chairman of the Libyan American Alliance, Esam Omeish, said Khalifa Haftar’s defense lawyers’ firm, Harvey & Binnall, responded to the lawsuits filed at a Virginia court against the Libyan-American man.

Omeish said the law firm responded with a document that says Haftar was a Libyan and US citizen and had properties in Virginia, saying he wasn’t living at those properties and that he formed a self-styled Libyan National Army and promoted to a field marshal by the Libyan House of Representatives, thus rejecting all accusations filed at the court.

Omeish added that the defense team provided points of argument rejecting the accusations against Haftar by the attorney representing the victims’ families and LAA, adding that some of the 11 points included the false calim of Haftar’s right to state immunity.

The attorney for the victims’ families, Faisal Gill said the defense of Haftar’s lawyers was baseless and would be refuted with evidence at the Virginia court once hearings started.

Omeish explained that their attorneys would ask for the revelation of documents at the fact-finding stage, in addition to requesting summoning Haftar at the court to face the victims’ families and the jury even if outside the US.


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