Haftar’s militias to allow Unity Government meetings in Benghazi only under its security

Khalifa Haftar’s militias have conditioned permitting the Government of National Unity cabinet to convene in Benghazi to being responsible for security measures, saying eastern Libya is secure and protected by them.

A statement by Haftar’s militias command said they are no linked to or operating under the Government of National Unity, neither by sovereign nor service links, adding that there isn’t any communication between them as well.

Haftar’s militias didn’t comment on preventing the Government of National Unity’s delegation from entering Benghazi, but said they would welcome the government to convene under their own protection.

The Government of National Unity canceled its Benghazi meeting after Haftar’s militias had encircled Benina Airport and prevented the delegation from entering the city on Monday, while on Tuesday, the Government of National Unity convened its third meeting in Tripoli instead.


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