Head of High Council of State hails Qatar as strategic ally to Libya

The Head of the High Council of State of Libya Khalid Al-Mishri has praised Qatar and Turkey as being the only two countries to stand with Libya in its crisis, according to his interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA) on Tuesday.

In the interview on the occasion of his current visit to Doha, Al-Mishri said Qatar is a strategic ally of his country and has played a great role at all regional and international levels to stop the fighting in Libya and support the internationally-recognized legitimate authority.

“Qatar and Turkey were the only countries to stand by Libya in its crisis, especially when Haftar’s forces were on the outskirts of Tripoli.” He said.

He stressed the importance of continuous communication between brothers and friends in the current stage in particular, indicating that his visit to Qatar was preceded by visits by the Libyan Foreign and Interior Ministers, and that the Libyan Defense Minister will visit Doha next week.

He remarked that the visits aim at coordination between the Qatari and Libyan sides regarding the upcoming intra-Libyan talks after the ceasefire agreement, as the upcoming talks will determine the fate of Libya for a long time.

The Head of the High Council of State said that the position of Qatar stresses the need to adhere to the political solution in Libya and welcomes the ceasefire and the negotiations that will take place soon in Tunisia and all political tracks.

Al-Mishri held fruitful meetings with Qatari officials, including Emir Tamim pertaining to the future of the political situation in Libya, especially after the ceasefire agreement reached in Geneva.


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