Head of HNEC: HoR is responsible for announcing election postponement

The Head of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), Eamd Al-Sayeh, has explained that the House of Representatives (HoR) is the entity responsible for announcing postponing Libya elections, if that were to happen, not the HNEC, stressing that the HNEC has no technical problems in conducting elections on time (December 24).

Al-Sayeh stressed to Anadolu Agency that it is not within the competence of the HNEC to announce the postponement of the elections, saying that whoever issued the order to hold elections, in reference to the HoR’s decision, is the one that issues the order to halt or delay them.

Earlier, the member of the HNEC, Abu Bakr Marda, told Libya Alahrar TV that the holding elections on December 24 had become impossible.

In the meantime, the parliamentary committee in charge of following up on the elections confirmed in a statement that the HNEC is responsible to announce to Libyans whether or not the deadline for the elections will be met.


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