Head of Libya’s High Council of State rejects Haftar-Maiteeq oil deal

The Head of the High Council of State Khalid Al-Mishri rejected in a statement Sunday the deal made by Presidential Council Ahmed Maiteeq and warlord Khalifa Haftar to resume oil production and exports, saying Maiteeq was violating the authorities of the entire Presidential Council and the Government of National Accord.

In a letter to the Presidential Council Head and members – two days after the deal was announced – Al-Mishri said that the deal violated Libyan Political Agreement laws.

He also urged for an immediate investigation of the background work leading to the deal, calling for naming the parties that are part of the agreement between Mitig and Haftar.

“The deal was a violation of authorities of the Libyan Political Agreement entities: House of Representatives, Presidential Council and High Council of State as well as the legal authority of the Central Bank of Libya.” Al-Mishri indicated.

On Friday, warlord Khalifa Haftar announced in a televised statement the ending of oil blockade and resumption of oil production and exports, after over eight months of shutdown and almost 10 billion dollars in financial losses.

The move was seconded by the member of the Presidential Council Ahmed Maiteeq, who at the same time issued a statement saying he and Haftar’s representatives had dialogued the terms that allow Libyan oil to pump once again for what he described as “the greater good of all Libyans.”

Bloomberg said Al-Sarraj had refused the deal made by Maiteeq with Haftar regarding reopening oil facilities in Libya, citing a senior aide to the Head of the Presidential Council.

It also said that the rejection of Al-Sarraj to the deal casts more doubt about whether or not Libya will resume oil production and exports any time soon.


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