Heads of UNSMIL and HNEC see eye to eye on elections

UN Secretary General Special Envoy to Libya Abdullah Batili met with the head of the High National Elections Committee HNEC Emad Elsayeh where the two discussed the latest developments in preparing for elections.

Batelli stressed the importance of involving all concerned institutions to ensure the integrity of the political process and the need for all parties to work to ensure that inclusive and credible elections are held in Libya that reflect the will of the Libyan people. He stated that the position of the United Nations on draft electoral laws focuses on the need for them to be practically applicable and to be approved by all actors.

Batelli as the head of the United Nations Support Mission to Libya UNSMIL reassured that the technical support of the United Nations to the HNEC will continue and agreed with Elsayeh on the need to address the remaining contentious points in the draft electoral laws through a constructive and comprehensive approach.

The HNEC had previously announced that it had technical remarks regarding the electoral laws issued by the what is known as the 6+6 committee, which had drafted regulations for presidential and parliamentarian elections that are yet to be agreed on.

Sources: UNSMIL


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