Heavy clashes in Sabratha cease after two deaths

Calm has descended on Sabratha, over 75 km to Tripoli, after heavy clashes in the city between local armed groups and forces from Al-Zawiya city nearby. Two people died in the clashes, according to the ambulance and emergency apparatus.

The member of the elders and dignitaries council of Al-Zawiya, Al-Beshti Al-Zahof, said calm prevailed in the city after an agreement was reached for handing over the wanted men. The agreement was reached by Sabratha and Al-Zawiya’s elders and dignitaries’ councils as well as security directorates.

The mayor of Sabratha, Mohammed Al-Hasouk, said the handing over of the wanted individuals would take place in either Tripoli or Zuwara.

During the clashes on Friday, the spokesman for the ambulance and emergency apparatus, Osama Ali, said several families had been evacuated from their houses as they were stuck in the crossfire.

Source: Libya Alahrar TV


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