High Council of State: Tunisia-hosted political dialogue ensures principles of Skhirat Agreement

The Libyan High Council of State said the constitutional declaration of the Libyan Political Agreement in Skhirat should remain a solid principle for the ongoing dialogue and legitimate political outcomes.

The High Council of State reminded of Security Council resolutions that say the Libyan Political Agreement is the only framework for ending the crisis in the country, in addition to Berlin conference conclusions which are also endorsed by the Security Council.

The HCS called on all parties to respect the Security Council resolutions, the last of which is the extension of UNSMIL mandate, saying the solution also requires unity of state institutions and amendment to the executive authority.

The High Council of State added in a statement Thursday that the solution to the Libyan crisis lies in constitutional referendum and an end to the transitional period by holding presidential and parliamentary elections, expressing hope that the ongoing political dialogue in Tunisia would help end division in the country.


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