High Council of State urges international community to stop covering up for Haftar

The Libyan High Council of State has urged the international community to let go of the “double standard policy” and stop covering up for warlord Khalifa Haftar, whom it described in a statement as “war criminal”.

The High Council of State reiterated Saturday that the international community should work only with the legitimate executive authority and entities in Libya in order to show respect to the country’s sovereignty.

Speaking about Haftar’s military parade, the High Council of State called on the Presidential Council as the Chief Commander of the Libyan Army to put an end to such serious violations and hostile behaviors as those committed by Haftar’s militias, whom it described as “Operation Dignity terrorist groups”.

The High Council of State also urged the Presidential Council to assume its responsibility for consolidating the ceasefire and unifying the Libyan military institution so that all armed forces can work together toward the greater goal of protecting their country’s borders, constitution and people without getting involved in politics.

These remarks by the High Council of State came after warlord Haftar had given a speech at the seventh anniversary of the so-called Operation Dignity in Benina, Benghazi, where he told a self-styled military parade that his “army only knows victory”, despite the fact that his militias lost their recent war on Tripoli and the western region and had to retreat back to their previous positions outside the region.


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