HNEC: Voter registration could start in June

The Chairman of the Libyan High National Elections Commission (HNEC), Emad Al-Sayeh, said the HNEC could open voter registration in June, even before the drafting of an elections legislation by the House of Representatives.

“We would like to save time,” Al-Sayeh reiterated to Libya Alahrar TV on Sunday, adding that the HNEC has a budget for the preparation for the voter registration process and that afterward, the HNEC needs financial support by the Government of National Unity for the execution of the process.

Al-Sayeh said the HNEC had made clear its needed funds for the elections’ preparation and execution to the government on April 12, adding that “the agreement between the UN and the international community doesn’t mean that the support will be for the HNEC.”

“We have informed the Government of National Unity that we need additional 50 million dinars to cover the cost of the general elections.” Al-Sayeh explained, saying that they called for a UN monitoring of the elections aside from the work of the HNEC itself.

Al-Sayeh said that should Libyans decide to go for a constitutional referendum, then the process will take more time and need separate funds.


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