HoR and HCS members discuss Libya’s return to 1951 constitution

Members from the House of Representatives (HoR) and High Council of State (HCS) met in Al-Bayda in east Libya to discuss their  differences and lead the country to a lasting stability, HCS media office has reported.

The HCS and HoR members were mostly east region’s representatives and headed by second deputy head Omar Bushah. The delegation held a series of meetings with members of the HoR, elders and tribal dignitaries to discuss viewpoints.

Bushah told Libya Alahrar TV channel that members of the two chambers called for returning to the “constitution of 1951. He added that after Al-Bayda meetings, the members could meet other times in Benghazi and other cities across the country.

He also reiterated that the two chambers’ members discussed national reconciliation and the inclusion of peaceful circulation of power in the new constitution.

“Cyrenaica members of the HoR” called for activating the constitution 1951 and called on the HoR to present the non-amended constitution for deliberations in order to vote n the return to the three-region federal system.

HoR member Jebril Ewhida told Libya Alahrar previously that the HoR members and activists of Cyrenaica region fully support the 1951 constitution, reaffirming that there will be a continuous escalation in the coming days to forward the demand, and split from the Tripolitania region (west Libya).


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