HoR says UN envoy’s briefing at Security Council is biased

The Presidency of the House of Representatives (HoR) denounced Monday what was said in the briefing of the UN envoy to Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, at the UN Security Council, especially regarding the failure of the HoR and the Highly Council of State (HCS) to agree on a constitutional basis, saying such a statement contained inaccuracies.

The HoR said the envoy’s speech contradicts the briefing paragraphs that approved the issuance of the 13th constitutional amendment, stressing at the same time the Libyan ownership of the political process, saying that it is the only guarantor for the success of any initiatives in this regard.

“Obstruction of reconciliation as well as corruption and squandering of public money are among the most important factors for disrupting the electoral process in the country. We did not find any indication in the UN envoy’s briefing on these issues, which puts the UN mission in the circle of double standards, bias toward the Libyan parties.” The HoR said.

The HoR called on the international community to support Libyan institutions in carrying out their tasks, especially those related to approving electoral laws, laws regulating public spending, and activating international sanctions against those working to seize the work of partner institutions in the political track.

The HoR said the briefing did not address the disruption of the HCS session by the force majeure that thwarted the 2021 elections, saying they completely reject the blatant interference in Libyan affairs as all institutions are working in full commitment to the regulations, in full observance of human rights, and in a manner that guarantees the protection of the higher interests of the Libyan state.

Bathily said in his Monday briefing at the Security Council that he intended to establish a high-level Libyan committee, whose aim is to activate the electoral process and enable the holding of presidential and legislative elections in 2023, referring to the failure of the HoR and HCS to agree on a constitutional basis.


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