HoR Speaker warns state authorities against giving public funds to Dbeibah’s government

The Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Aqila Saleh addressed on Tuesday state authorities with a letter warning them against providing the Government of National Unity (GNU) with any public funds, citing “administrative control reports from previous fiscal years proving that the GNU was squandering public funds.”

Saleh’s letter threatened legal liability for the state authorities that go against the HoR’s orders, referring to Law (No.2) of 1979 and its amendments regarding financial and economic crimes. 

The letter named the Attorney General, Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Head of Audit Bureau, Head of the National Anti-Corruption Authority, Chairman of the National Oil Corporation, Chairman of the Libyan Investment Authority, Head of the Libyan Post Telecommunications and Information Technology Company, Head of Social and Economic Development Fund, and the Head of Libya Africa Investment Portfolio. 

This letter came days after Prime Minister Dbeibah said in Tripoli during the celebrations of the February 17 revolution that the HoR was the reason why public salaries for last January had been delayed as it didn’t approve 2024 budget. 


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