Human Rights Watch: Reckless fighting jeopardizes civilian lives in Libya

Human rights Watch said Tuesday that the ongoing fighting in Libya is putting civilians at risk with indiscriminate attacks.

Human Rights Watch said in its World Report 2020 that the United Nations Human Rights Council should establish a Commission of Inquiry to document abuses and identify those responsible with a view to future accountability.

“Rival armed groups and their allies have carried out hundreds of drone and air strikes in and around Tripoli since the start of the conflict there in April 2019, killing and displacing civilians.” The report indicated, citing a leaked UN report in November stating that they repeatedly violated the arms embargo on Libya.

The recent UN panel of experts’ report in December said Haftar was responsible for massacres in Tajoura and Murzuq where in each incident more than 40 people were killed.

Hundreds of deaths and injuries as well as tens of thousands of displaced people have been documented since the start of the aggression by Haftar on many targets, including hospitals, airports and other civilian areas.


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