Interior Minister: UAE is a threat to Libya’s national security

The Libyan Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha has described the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a threat to Libya’s national security that only ends with the termination of its followers and arms in Libya because it’s obvious it doesn’t want to change its policies in the country.

Bashagha added in a press conference in Tripoli on Wednesday that Khalifa Haftar’s war is funded and supported by the UAE, Egypt, Jordan and lately Saudi Arabia, calling on Egypt – the neighboring country – to reconsider its stance.

“The UAE’s aim for Libya is chaos and deterioration of economy in order to make Libya a failed state.” Bashagha added.

He also said that several Egyptian soldiers had been killed fighting for Haftar’s militias, adding that the Interior Ministry doesn’t know for now whether they were sent by the Egyptian government or just mercenaries.

Speaking about the ongoing challenges of Coronavirus pandemic, Bashagha said Haftar didn’t care about the humanitarian situation and increased his attacks on civilians in Tripoli.

He also said that the forces of the Government of National Accord are now on the outskirts of Tarhouna and Al-Watiya airbase, saying Haftar’s militias and mercenaries are responsible for what happens in that city.

“There will be no peace or dialogue with Haftar and the GNA won’t allow the setup of a military dictatorship in Libya.” Bashagha told reporters.


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