Investigative reports reveal new evidence concerning Haftar-Asad relations

The investigative news website “Africa Intelligence” has issued a report confirming that the rapprochement between Assad regime and Haftar provides commercial opportunities for businessmen from within the Assad circle.

Referring to the visit of “Maher Assad” to Benghazi in September 2022, on board a Cham Wings flight, to crown the partnership that dates back to 2017 and conclude deals, according to the site. The report affirms the alliance is shrouded in secrecy, and that the only ones who benefit from it are businessmen in the most powerful circles in Syria and eastern Libya.

The French-sponsored news website drew attention to the maritime ties in the Mediterranean, which are at the core of the business between Damascus and Benghazi, in addition to the flights conducted by the Syrian Cham Wings. Apparently, the maritime cooperation gained momentum in 2018, after the Syrian Al-Tayr International Trade and Shipping company opened the sea line linking Latakia to Benghazi, which reaped huge profits, especially in operations suspected of being related to Captagon trafficking.

The former Government of National Accord GNA had accused Haftar’s Military Investment Authority of establishing suspicious commercial relations and granting Syrians forged visas to enter Libya in coordination with the Syrian regime, claiming the Syrian regime had obtained aviation fuel from Haftar, in exchange for the latter obtaining funds and weapons, in violation of the international embargo on fuel imposed on the Syrian regime since late 2013.

On a similar matter, Africa Intelligence indicated that there are two military cargo aircrafts belonging to the Syrian Air Force, which make regular round trips to Benina Airport on the outskirts of Benghazi, that would at times head to Iran before completing their route to East Libya.

Source: “Africa Intelligence” + Libya Alahrar


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