IOM: 8 irregular migrants went missing and 233 others were returned to Libya within a week

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced the loss of 8 migrants and the return of 233 migrants from the Mediterranean to Libya between 19 and 25 May.

The organization indicated in its weekly report that among the migrants who were returned to Libya were 12 women and children, in addition to migrants whose family information was not available.

The total number of deaths since the beginning of this year until May 25 reached 267 deaths, in addition to the loss of 417 migrants at sea and the return of more than 6,000 migrants to Libya in the same period.

The IOM also pointed out the decrease in the number of deaths, missing persons, and those returned to Libya compared to the last two years, as the number of deaths during the year 2023 reached 962, in addition to the loss of 1,536 migrants, while the year 2022 recorded approximately 530 migrants and the loss of 848 migrants, in addition to the return of more than 24 thousand migrants to Libya since the beginning of the year.


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