Corriere della Sera: 155,000 immigrants arrived in Italy in 2023

The Corriere della Sera newspaper has reported that the number of immigrants to Italy increased by 50% and reached 155,000 in 2023.

The Italian newspaper reported that there has been an increase in immigrants in recent years, as their number reached more than 103,000 immigrants in 2022, while their number was around 67,000 immigrants in 2021.

Corriere della Sera reported that landing operations of migrants continued until the last days of December 2023, as a Frontex patrol boat rescued 3 boats at sea that left Libya and Tunisia.

According to the international non-governmental organization “Alarm Phone”, another group of 25 migrants (including 4 minors) who left Libya was facing difficulties in the central Mediterranean. They were asking to be rescued because their engine was no longer running and they had run out of food.

Hours later, Alarm Phone issued another alert about a wooden boat that left Libya with about 100 migrants on board and had run out of fuel.


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