Italy’s Foreign Minister reiterates need for Libya to resume oil production

Anti-establishment 5-Star Movement leader Luigi Di Maio speaks at the media after a round of consultations with Italy's newly appointed Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at the Lower House in Rome, Italy, May 24, 2018. REUTERS/Tony Gentile

The Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio has reiterated, at a media event in Italy, the need to resume Libyan oil production and exports after months of closure.

The Libyan National Oil Corporation said earlier this month that the illegal blockade on oil production and exports by tribal forces loyal to Haftar led to losses of over seven billion dollars.

Di Maio added that it was very important to achieve sustainable stability in Libya as it could lead to stability in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The Italian Foreign Minister said earlier that solving Libya’s crisis needs an end to all foreign intervention that is against the UN resolutions, especially arms embargo on Libya, reaching a ceasefire agreement, reviving political negotiations and resuming oil production and exports, in addition to appointing a new UN envoy to Libya as soon as possible.

The NOC said last week that armed clashes took place in Brega area between Al-Saiqa and pro-Haftar Petroleum Facilities Guard forces near oil depots and tanks, calling for immediate departure of Syrian, Russian Wagner Group and Sudanese Janjaweed mercenaries from oil fields and ports.


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